OZORA Festival 2019 (Official Video) Trailer

OZORA Festival Official Video

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::: Official Movie Premiere :::
An exciting Ozorian tradition is on the horizon, an event that brings warmth to our hearts and butterflies into our stomachs each year, the premiere of the official aftermovie. As usual, it will take place in several cities, 8pm local time on the 18th of January, with free entry and online registration.
The screenings kick-off at the first “One Day in” event in Tokyo’s AgeHa club, then in the Hungarian cities of Budapest, Pécs, Szeged and also in Berlin and Paris! Those who can’t be with us at the premiere can watch the movie on our Youtube channel the next day.

You can pick a screening event close to you and register here: https://ozorafestival.eventbrite.com

*Please, if you register but can’t make it for some reason, cancel your registration so someone else can take your seat. Thank you!

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